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Toronto is a big and sprawling city, but it also offers plenty of opportunities to explore the great Canadian outdoors.

There are some fantastic trails to hike that are just a short distance from the metropolis centre, with views that make the drive so worth it. Here are three of our favourites and, of course, if you’re visiting the Toronto area, be sure to book your rental car with us at Zoom Rentals. We carry a diverse fleet of vehicles that suit all types of travellers (and trips!) and always have special offers on hand to ensure that you’re receiving the very best rates.


The Bruce Trail, located along the Niagara Escarpment, is Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath and a must-do if you’re visiting the Toronto area. The main trail spans more than 890 kilometres, with over 400 kilometres of side trails to explore. Hikers of this beautiful area will encounter thousand-year-old Easter White Cedar trees, a number of diverse ecosystems, hundreds of different species of wildlife from fish and birds to reptiles and mammals, sweeping views, 1675-foot cliffs, and much more.


Both the Vista and Orchard Trails are located outside the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre, about 40 minutes drive from Toronto’s city centre. The Vista Trail is a scenic 1.5-kilometre loop with bluffs and views of the Rouge River Valley, while the Orchard Trail is a 5-kilometre trailhead thick with wildflowers and great for birdwatching. There are also a number of other routes to hike around the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre.  


This 10.5-kilometre loop is the largest part of the beautiful Dundas Trail (located in the Dundas Valley, a 12,00-hectare glacial valley) and takes about 5 hours to complete. Along with a diverse assortment of wildlife and plants, Headwaters Trail hikers will also come across lush forests, meadows, and streams.