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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pick-up and drop off service work from the airport?

We have shuttle service which is on call from the Viscount station at the airport. To avail the best service, please give us a call once you pick your luggage up and give us a heads up that you are heading towards the pickup spot (viscount station).

What are your requirements for renting cars at zoom?

Driver must provide valid driver’s license, a major credit card under their name issued by the bank along with another piece of government issued piece of photo ID and must meet the minimum age requirement.

What are the requirements for international drivers?

Driver must provide valid driver’s license, a major credit card under their name issued by the bank along with passport and meet the minimum age requirement. (A return ticket must be presented in order to be eligible for maximum mileage.)

What are your age requirements for the rental?

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 23 years. An 'underage fee' will be applied to your rental, if you are ages of 23 and 24.

Why do you require a deposit on credit card and how much do you need for deposit?

Credit card is used as a security during the rental for any damages, incidental charges and also validates your standing with the bank along with being used as a piece of id. Please note, if you are renting a vehicle you must have at least $500 for the deposit which may increase depending upon the age and the type of license you carry.

We take a minimum deposit of $500 if the customer is from Canada and US. If the renter is underage (23-24), International driver or a G2 holder, the deposit would be $1000 on a major credit card only. We do not accept deposits on debit visa, prepaid card or cash deposits.

What forms of payments are accepted for the rental payment?

Rental payment can be made through a credit card, debit card, visa debit or cash. And we do take the rental charge upfront.

When do I get my deposit/pre-authorization amount back?

Pre-authorization/deposit will automatically come off depending on your issuing bank. In normal circumstances it takes 3-7 business days. But if you have an international credit card or a visa debit it may take longer. We have seen banks keeping a hold for 30-45 business days. Deposit is an automatic transaction, which comes back automatically within 5-7 days. If by any chance, you still see a pending transaction, you will have to get in touch with your bank as different banks may have different processing time.

Can I have an additional driver on my rental agreement?

Yes, additional drivers are allowed if all the rental requirements are met.
All additional drivers must:
- Meet age requirements.
- Have valid driver’s license.
- Covered under the same insurance policy unless you are buying one from us.
An additional fee of $5 per day would be applicable per driver. These rates may vary based on location.

My flight is delayed. How can I pick my car up?

We do not take any reservations after the business hours. Our shuttle runs within the business hours only (Mon-Fri 8am to 9pm, Sat-Sun 9am to 6pm). There is an after-hour fee for the late pickup and we can try to make arrangements for your pick up when informed prior. All the additional details would be provided and can expect a great service when pre-informed.

Can I return the vehicle if the location is closed?

Yes. We have an after hour drop off service. You will be provided with all the details at the time of pick-up.

I would like to extend my rental. How can I proceed?

Once you are in rental already, you cannot make another reservation to make extensions. For any extensions on the rental contract, you will have to get in touch directly with the rental location.

Do I need to refuel the vehicle before I return, or can I pay for the fuel?

Customers will have to refuel the car to the same level they took upon pickup. If a customer chooses not to refuel the vehicle to the same level, they will be charged for the fuel plus a $30 admin fee. Please note that a full tank of gas is not guaranteed.

What is the mileage policy?

The maximum kilometers allowed per contract or per reservation are 3000 kms if the vehicle remains within the province of rental. If the vehicle travels outside the province of rental or if you are a local renter, you are allowed 200KMS daily, 1400 kms weekly and 4000 kms monthly. Luxury cars are allowed 100 kms per day and 12 passenger vans include 150 kms per day. Additional kms are CAD$0.18/km up to full-size cars and CAD$0.25/km for Luxury cars and specialty vehicles. Travel out of the province must be approved at time of rental. An additional charge of CAD$5.00/day will apply to out of the province travel and CAD$10.00/day for travel to the U.S. Non authorized travel out of the province will be fined. Additional fees are taxable.

Can I take the vehicle to any other province one way or to the USA one way?

Unfortunately, the pick-up and the drop off location has to be the same. We do not provide one way rentals.

Are there any special license requirements for the 12 passenger vans?

No. You will be able to drive 12 passenger van with a G driver’s license in Ontario.

Do you rent additional equipment such as child safety seats or GPS?

We provide baby seats and GPS each for $10/day. Requests made online will not be guaranteed. Additional equipment is on first come first serve basis

Returning the rental vehicle before due date. Should I be expecting any penalty?

Cheer up, you will not face any additional charges for closing the contract before the agreed date. But we do not offer any refunds on early returns as well.

I have my own insurance and do not wish to take any from the company. Should I carry any documentation along with me?

As a rental agency, we would require a proof of full insurance in order to decline our coverages. We would require the document from your insurance agency stating the endorsement for the rental vehicle coverage.

My credit card covers me for the insurance. Do I still need additional coverage?

Credit cards do not come with any rental/insurance coverage. They just provide you with the benefits of covering for any damages to the rental vehicle due to collision, theft or vandalism of the rental vehicle that you drive. They usually do not cover for any third-party liability. We seek for the full coverage for every rental agreement. We charge GCS (gold card surcharge) of $8.99/day + taxes for our coverages.

I have taken the toll route. What should I expect?

We have a toll route in Ontario highway 407 which bills the vehicles electronically by taking pictures of the license plate and will bill you for the per kilometer that you travel on that route. If you take the toll route, we will receive a bill within 4 to 5 weeks after your visit. The same would be billed onto your credit card with an admin fee of $30.

How can I obtain the payment information or a copy of a receipt for my toll charges?

We always send the copy of the bills on the address you have given to us via mail. If by any chance, you have not got your copy even after a week of the posted transaction, please get in touch with us at info@zoomrentals.com

What is Airport concession fee added in my tax break down?

An airport concession fee reimburses the car rental company for the fee it pays to airport. It is required by the rental companies and may apply to the rentals from the airport location/airport area.

Can I specifically reserve a model/make of the vehicle?

The model and the make are subjected to change since it is dependent on the availability of the vehicle. We are unable to guarantee a specific make/model. All vehicle groups and model may not be available for every reservation, but we will be able to provide you with the same class type.

Would I be able to drop my car off at the airport?

No, the drop off location must be the location same as the pickup location. But we might be able to provide you with the shuttle service to the airport. (Refer the shuttle policy)

What is your pet policy?

Pets are allowed in the rental vehicle. Customers are expected to keep the pets crated and return the vehicle in a clean condition and free of pet hair to avoid cleaning/detailing fees of $150.

What is Roadside assistance? Is it included in the prices and mandatory to purchase?

Roadside assistance is available on all the vehicles with a charge of $3.99/day. It includes towing (not related to an accident), flat tire service (if no spare tire is available) or lock-out service.

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