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Insurance Replacement

Insurance Replacement and Accidental Car Rentals

Did you know that in an unfortunate event of involvement in an accident, in which if you are “not at fault”, then you are entitled to a car rental even if you only carry a basic coverage for your vehicle on your policy as per Ontario Auto Policy (OAP) written by Financial Services Commission on Ontario (FSCO)? Zoom provide extended hours of service for accidental replacements. Get a free rental car and Zoom will bill directly to your insurance company. Insurance companies have a tendency to provide a rental car from their own preferred vendors but know your rights that an insurance company can never force you to do so. They can only recommend and you can hire Zoom Rent a Car and get 7 days and 24 hours of service for accidental replacement in an emergency. You are also you are entitled to similar vehicle which you currently own which you can find from our extensive fleet of compact, intermediate, mid-size, full size, minivans, SUVs, large SUVs like Infiniti QX60, 12 passenger vans, luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz, cargo vans, sports cars like Ford Mustang, pickups like Dodge HEMI 1500 and cube trucks all available at undeniable offers. Zoom provides discount coupons and codes over and above the already lowest price to our repeating customers. Talk to our representative to get your best car rental experience.
Zoom Rent-A-Car provides special rates for accident and replacement rentals and offers direct billing to the major dealerships and insurance companies until your personal vehicle is back on the road.

Zoom Car Rentals

Avail the following benefits with Zoom Rentals

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    Brand new vehicles to replace your personal vehicle

    The most luxurious cars with state of the art technology, features and brand value best suitable for meetings and social events or just a fun ride. Many makes and models to choose from.

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    Direct billing to insurance companies and dealerships

    In an unfortunate event of a personal vehicle accident, we specialize in Accident Replacement Rentals. We bill your insurance directly, without any cost or hassles to you! Drive a vehicle as good as your own. Call Zoom Rent-A-Car for details.

  • Zoom Rentals

    Special accident rental rates

    We encourage you to compare our rates with major car rental agencies. We offer 15-30% lesser prices. Also stay tuned for our promo codes to save more.

Zoom Rentals

Lowest rates guaranteed or we'll beat it by 5%

* This applies to all major competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

My Toyota Camry was involved in a collision and is in for repairs. What kind of vehicle am I eligible to rent?
Toyota Camry is considered a full-size vehicle and you are eligible to rent any available full sized vehicle. Feel free to contact us to check availability.

Do I have to pay anything out of pocket?
Your insurance company takes care of the rental cost depending on your individual policy.

How long am I eligible to rent for?
Depending on your coverage, you can rent until your personal vehicle is fixed.

What if my personal vehicle is a write off?
You can rent until you receive payment from your insurance company for the settlement of the claim.

Who else can drive the rental vehicle?
Anyone listed as a driver on your auto insurance policy can operate the rental car.

Know Your Rights

You should always know your rights after being in an accident and Zoom Rent-A-Car want to make sure your experience is as easy as possible.

  • You are eligible to rent a vehicle comparable to your personal vehicle
  • You have the right to choose your rental agency or repair shop
  • Your coverage begins at the time loss or damages occurs if the vehicle cannot be operated or when the vehicle is delivered for repairs
  • Your coverage ends when your vehicle is repaired or replaced or until your insurance company offers you payment for settlement of claim
  • You have the right to complain about your insurance company if they do not comply with insurance laws/ regulations
  • You may contact the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) if you have any questions about your rights.

Before You Rent

Looking to rent with Zoom Rent-A-Car while you vehicle is in for repairs, please ensure you have the following coverage on your policy. For more details, please refer to the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP1)

OPCF 20 (Loss of Use): OPCF 20 is the loss of the vehicle use form that will cover the cost of the rental vehicle while your personal vehicle is being repaired or replaced as long as the damage is caused by peril you are insured for.

OPCF 27 (Liability to Non-owned Autos): OPCF 27 extends coverage for loss or damage to non-owned automobiles resulting from care, custody or control of the non-owned automobile by an insured person.

Disclaimer: If for any reason the insurance company denies the claim or fails to pay whether due to any coverage disputes or fraudulent claims, the client will be held personally responsible. Please ensure you check with your insurance company for the details of your coverage before renting a car.