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Sure, you could get around Ontario in a four-seater sedan, or even jam six people into a SUV or minivan… but if you really want to travel in style, you need to book yourself a 12 person passenger van. Why? Well here are just a few reasons you might want to:
  BESPOKE PUB CRAWL Sure, you could sign up for an organized pub crawl… or you could plan your own, with eleven of your closest friends! If one person makes the sacrifice of being designated driver, the rest of you can have the night of your life, carpooling from bar to bar without ever having to split up or lose anybody.
  ETERNAL DRIVING BY SHIFT Long drives are exhausting, which is why it helps to have someone else to take the wheel. With twelve people total, there’s no reason to ever stop to rest – just keep driving forever! Or until you get to where you’re going, I guess.
  PORTABLE JAM SPACE Feeling cooped up? Live out your Partridge Family fantasies and load up the van with instruments and your closest friends, making live music for the open road. Make sure to dress in your hippiest garb and spread the love, man!
  COMPLETE YOUR “OTTO FROM THE SIMPSONS” COSPLAY Showing up to a fan convention in your totally tubular pink shirt, Walkman, and permed 80s metal hair? Complete the look by hauling 11 yellow kids to the conference hall. “I got held back in the fourth grade myself. Twice! Look at me, man! Now I drive the school bus!”
  THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP Most road trips are for four people, tops. Which is boring. You have lots of great friends, why not take everyone! There are all sorts of destinations in Ontario that you can explore – explore them together!
Whatever reason you have, a 12 passenger van will transform any trip into the biggest party of your life. Book one today from Zoom Rentals.