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Summer Travel Tips

Feb 20, 2019 10:43:41

Summer will be here sooner than you think, which means right now is the perfect time to start preparing for your travels. Here are some tips to ace your vacation, whether you’re road-tripping across the country, hopping on a plane to a faraway destination, or simply just exploring your own backyard over the weekend. 


Dehydration is no joke. Not drinking enough water, especially on hot and sweltering summer days, can be seriously dangerous and damaging to your overall health. Our bodies are composed of 75% water, so we need fluids to function. Carry around a water bottle with you and aim for drinking at least two litres per day (add a little lemon for some extra flavour and great benefits).


A little bag of nuts goes a long way! Bringing prepared snacks with you — like almonds, fruit, dried fruit, sandwiches, and granola bars — will ensure that you’re not wasting time searching for the nearest coffee shop or fast food joint when hunger strikes mid-journey. It’s also cheaper and healthier. Three wins!


Set out early on the road or to the airport to avoid the traffic of all kinds. Try to plan your travel time around morning hours — many people tend to start their journey after they’ve eaten a meal, which means peak time for heavy volume. 


Book your hotel accommodations in advance to save the stress of scrambling to find a comfortable and convenient place to stay at the last minute, as well as to avoid sky-high prices that can sometimes come with that.
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