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There’s nothing quite like a trip to a winery to enjoy a sunny day. The rolling hills of a vineyard are the perfect way to experience a picnic or a cheese plate, all while enjoying a sample of fine wines.

The Beamsville Bench in nearby Lincoln is home to a number of amazing wineries, which means you can fill an entire day with beautiful walks and wines. That’s why you should DEFINITELY consider making a day trip to these fantastic wineries, just a short drive from Toronto.


One of our favourites is 30 Bench, and not just because the wines are fantastic. This winery distinguishes itself with a full vineyard tour and tasting session that will give you surprisingly deep insight into how soil conditions help create the wines that you love, what processes the grapes undergo, and what decisions they made in bringing you their delicious wines. And then you get to taste those wines! At $15 per person, it’s a bit pricier than most tastings, but the tour is more than worth it.


Another Beamsville Bench winery, Hidden Bench is a relatively new winery – founded in 2003, it’s not even old enough to drink its own product! That said, they have been producing some of the best wines in the region, including their award-winning Nuit Blanche white Bordeaux. Their cozy tasting room is a must-visit on any trip to the Beamsville Bench.


Taking its name from a historical incident involving two Mennonite churches, an annoying loud pipe organ, and breaking and entering resulting in the destruction of that organ, Organized Crime is another favourite in the Beamsville Bench. Their 2016 gewürztraminer is the perfect way to enjoy summer!

Want to take a day to visit the Beamsville Bench, but don’t have a car? Or are you planning on a trip there with more than four people? Consider renting a vehicle for the day with Zoom Rentals. With a full range of options from sub-compacts to 12-person passenger vans, we have what you need to make a truly memorable trip to the bench. Have a look at our fleet, and just remember – If you’re driving, use the spit bucket!