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Take a trip to the Shaw festival!

Feb 20 2019 10:36pm

Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake is the perfect getaway from Toronto – and there’s no better time to visit than during the Shaw Theatre Festival! Started in 1962 and named after George Bernard Shaw, this festival was designed to raise interest in the arts in Canada – and I can’t think of a bigger success! Here are some of the shows that are worth seeing this year.


A sumptuous tale well told, The Madness of George III  by Alan Bennett takes on a new urgency in the 21st Century. What do you do when the head of state goes mad? And where does power actually lie? Directed by Kevin Bennett, this darkly humourous parable is a must-see.


An inspiring collection of stories that will delight children and inspire adults, this production brings Oscar Wilde’s children’s stories to the stage. Filled with warmth, love, and joy, Wilde Tales is a treat for all.


Challenging. Provocative. Utterly incendiary. In this re-staging by a black playwright of an embarrassingly racist 19th Century play, the deep roots of racist thought and action are exposed and made ridiculous. For lovers of hard-hitting theatre, An Octoroon is not for the faint of heart or spleen – but may just be required viewing for everybody.


In the most average town in America, the most average people in the country congregate. Of course, things don’t stay “average.” A delightfully absurd romp, Middletown is a grand old tale in the tradition of Real Stories. Highly recommended.
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