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Travel tips from Zoom Rentals!

Feb 20, 2019 06:57:13

Going on a long flight? Here are some tips for how to stay comfortable!   WEAR COMFORTABLE, LOOSE CLOTHING While there is a certain romance to dressing up for air travel, the truth is you’ll be much happier in the long run if you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that doesn’t constrain you. The seat belt is already tight enough – don’t make it worse with a tight waistband!
  LAYER UP Depending on a whole host of factors like the number of people on the plane or what the climate control is set to, the cabin of a plane can go from freezing cold to boiling hot and back again. Wearing layers means you can control how warm you are.
  BLOCK THE NOISE If you’ve got the dough, you can spring for a noise-cancelling, or a noise-isolating, pair of headphones. Noise-isolating headphones, like the Bose Quiet Comfort line, work to actively cancel incoming sounds from your environs. They’re pretty expensive, though, and cheaper options that filter out white noise will absolutely make a difference in a noisy plane.
And, if you can’t afford either of those, try downloading a free sleep app like Pzizz to give you something else to listen to on your flight!
  STAY HYDRATED The more your body is properly hydrated, the more comfortable you’ll be.
  DO IN SEAT EXERCISES Flexing stationary muscles will do a lot to make you more comfortable on long flights. Try clenching and unclenching your toes, or lifting and holding up each foot in an alternating pattern, or even rolling your shoulders front and back. Even this small amount of movement makes a world of difference!
  BRING YOUR OWN ENTERTAINMENT Load up your phone or tablet with things you want to see, and make sure to keep it charged! And if you do forget to bring a charging cable, it helps to have a book – they never run out of power!
  BE PREPARED! When you land, you want to be in control of your own destiny. Rent a car with Zoom Rentals in advance when visiting Onatior and we make it easy to go from the airport to your final destination!