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COVID-19 Response

Zoom Rentals is taking every precaution to lead the way towards eradicating the invisible enemy!

To accomplish this objective, we are covering on all the three fronts:


We are strictly following three major rules to be safe during this pandemic in our office:
1. Social Distancing - Every customer of ours is instructed to keep a safe distance of six feet between each other and our employees are also maintaining proper distance between each other.
2. Washing and sanitizing hands - We have hand sanitizers available at our reception desk. Our employees are washing or sanitizing their hands regularly. Our employees are wearing gloves and masks as well and we encourage our customers to do the same.
3. Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces - Cleaning has always been our utmost priority and during this pandemic we have increased the frequency of cleaning the surfaces, washrooms and other office areas as well.


Clean vehicles have always been our number one priority, but in this pandemic we are taking extra measures to keep them clean as well as sanitized. Every single vehicle is completely cleaned between every rental. Thorough cleaning includes but not limited to washing, wiping, vacuuming and sanitizing using disinfectants recommended by heath authorities. We pay extra caution to the following highly exposed points of any vehicle:
Key, Steering Wheel, Seat belts, dashboard or center console, vents, doors (interiors & pockets), door handles (both interior & exterior), seat surfaces and pockets, areas between seat & center console, mirrors (rearview, side & visor), gears and trunk release along with other highly exposed areas.

Employee's Health & Training

Our team is not only taking extra measures for maintaining proper cleaning of our office space but also training our employees to keep the guard up all the time. We have instructed our employees to wear proper gear i.e. gloves and masks at all social places including grocery stores and our office. Our employees have been trained to keep the surrounding environment clean not only at office but at their places too. We have given strict instructions to quarantine and get tested immediately even if they feel mild symptoms of COVID-19.
Keeping our customers and our employees safe is our motto during this pandemic. By maintaining proper social distancing, wearing gloves & masks and washing hands frequently, we all can stay safe and keep our loved ones safe as well.

Request to our Clients

Apart from the precautions we are taking inside and outside our office, we urge our customers to maintain proper social distancing and wear gloves and masks while visiting our premises. If you feel the symptoms of COVID-19, you should not visit our office or if you are feeling symptoms after visiting our office kindly inform us immediately so that we can take appropriate actions.
Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!